In the Indian entrepreneurial landscape, Neetish Sarda is a force to be reckoned with. He founded Smartworks, India’s premier managed and flexible workspace solution for major corporations, SMEs, and Unicorns/high-growth start-ups. His concept of providing smart, tech-enabled, exciting, and contemporary workplace environments that function as a whole ecosystem has been described as “really groundbreaking”! He was selected to the ‘Hurun India Future Unicorn List 2021’ as one of the country’s youngest start-up entrepreneurs.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs get inspired by Neetish Sarda‘s path, particularly his indomitable spirit and positive view on life. Still, he is in charge of India’s largest flex space in his twenties, with over 4.5 million square feet under control and a pan-India presence. Neetish Sarda experienced several challenges while he was building his firm, but with passion and tenacity, he overcame them fast. His most important piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs is to transform obstacles into opportunities, to utilize adversity as an opportunity to improve, and never to give up.

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Neetish Sarda, a young and accomplished leader, has established a name for himself as a resilient, creative leader and business strategist who has adapted to the changes. His advice to young people and aspiring entrepreneurs is to constantly keep their eyes open and look for new changes. He also recommends individuals read daily to broaden their perspective and improve their creative thinking. Networking is vital for your business and profession and for maintaining good connections and making new friends.

Most entrepreneurs are completely absorbed in their concept and work tirelessly to make their vision a reality. However, to succeed in the business path, one must think beyond. “While the idea is the beginning point, it is vital to understand and research carefully about the market and target audience. Staying informed on the industry, trends, and developments is essential for being an entrepreneur. However, it is equally critical to immediately get hands-on and exhibit your company in the market with an MVP (minimum viable product). Following the MVP stage, the entrepreneur(s) can focus on refining and fine-tuning depending on market reaction or feedback. ” Neetish Sarda says.

According to Neetish Sarda, one of the important characteristics of a successful entrepreneur is a strong desire to learn and improve. In addition, some of the most important components for success are strong determination and devotion to one’s profession. However, one must also be adaptable and prepared to innovate, pivot, and later as the firm develops and changes.

For example, Neetish Sarda‘s firm Smartworks has gone through several transformations, which he feels have contributed to its success in the sector. As a result, setbacks are steppingstones to win, and he teaches new entrepreneurs to be more at ease with failures. “It’s always necessary to start small and then build and diversify your business; it’s never the other way around,” Neetish Sarda advises. Young entrepreneurs with enthusiasm, tenacity, and endurance, along with advice from real-life entrepreneurial role models like Neetish Sarda, may quickly achieve extraordinary heights of success!