As we are walking forward from Covid-19, the future of the working system has become unstable and skeptical. The corporate pattern of 9 to 5 from a dedicated office room has been countermanded due to the essential requirement to work from home. It has caused confusion to the balance of work and play. However, the enormous progress in vaccination has provided confidence to businesses to return to a pre-Covid work structure where employees can communicate over a cup of tea/coffee and collaborate in person. Managed office spaces are the new modern-day offices, delivering wonderful architecture, comprehensive amenities, and remarkable perks, without long-term investment requirements. Anticipated by a room packed with hard-working people, all employed by different forms of companies and organisations.

Mr. Neetish Sarda, Mr. Ghanshyam Sarda’s son, is a growing business leader in India who is reorganising the workspaces and moving towards an optimistic future. He is the founder of the largest managed office spaces in India. He established Smartworks to continue the legacy of his family while acquiring the changing cultures of the world.

Being a millennial, Mr. Neetish Sarda is familiar with the changing demands of the workforce. He founded Smartworks with the ideology to “Create office environments where people like to go, not merely have to go!” His crucial goal is to deliver a preferable work-life balance.

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Managed Office Spaces by Mr. Neetish Sarda

  • A managed office space minimises the interference with finishing your job using the aptitude and delivering on time. Managed office spaces are optimised for productivity. They are created to adapt to varied work styles,
    delivering various atmospheres with various desks and meeting rooms to cater to all working individuals.
  • The work environment is managed office space is collaborative, and multiple organisations work under the same roof. They also host networking events to enable corporations to discover new business clients, brainstorming rounds with like-minded corporations, and educational workshops. They also host fun activities like luncheons and workout lessons, in order to make them productive and increase efficient working relationships.

Mr. Neetish Sarda prefers to deliver a pleasant working environment to employees who are not forced to go to work but wish to go. Mr. Ghanshyam Sarda’s son also wishes to motivate mindfulness through community employment activities.