We are in the digital era where we all are connected by wireless networks and the internet. Therefore, people can easily work from home or from any other place. This simple fact gave a huge rise to collaborative working environments like co-working spaces. Such spaces like  Smartworks by Neetish Sarda are designed to provide people with a productive and practical atmosphere where they can work remotely. If you own a Flexible working space and want to boost productivity, then you can conduct a number of activities or events.

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Since the options are endless, we have listed some popular and interesting event ideas for Coworking Spaces. Take a look:

  • Products/Services Launch Parties

You can invite companies to launch their new campaign, products, services, or website. Such places can be a great platform for businesses to meet budding entrepreneurs, independent workers, and other professionals. This will help businesses explore fresh ideas and build connections with like-minded people.

  • Hackathons

A hackathon is a great deal if a business is related to the field of project management, software development, and so on. This type of event is the best not just for the team members to show off their skills and talents but regain the lost motivation. In addition to this, working with a team or as a team is the finest way to build trust. Smartworks – a Flexible working space by Neetish Sarda Business is a true example of how hackathons can greatly help businesses grow.

  • Creative mornings

What is better than having creative mornings to motivate people! Once or twice a month, you can organize such events wherein people can come, participate, share ideas, and solve issues. By adding these types of activities, your Flexible working space can serve as an ideal spot for many businesses. Companies that want to keep their employees motivated and updated will love to send them to such events.   These events are more like an opportunity to bring out the creative juices of a person.

  • Leadership workshops

Managers are those who are responsible for making the most important decisions and taking initiatives so that the performance of their employees can be improved. So, it is always a good idea to host leadership workshops so that they can know how to handle people and fix their problems. You can conduct activities that are helpful in brushing up their existing skills and gain newer ones.

  • Game nights

Fun breaks are very important in routine day-to-day life. So, you can organize game nights as it will help people improve several skills, build unity, and bring lots of laughter. This is an opportunity to encourage people to hang out with others and share ideas and thoughts with each other. Smartworks by Neetish Sarda arrange the same after a regular interval.

Final Words

Normal corporate events consist of professional mannerism, formal settings, and serious talk. However, it is not a bad idea, organizing some fun activities for your members so that they can improve their performance, boost productivity, and feel motivated.