When you kick-start your dream venture i.e. running a flexible workspace like Neetish Sarda’s Smartworks, it is almost impossible to predict how much or how quickly it will grow! And yes, it may grow. However, a growing business comes with some surprising hiccups. For example, with a growing business, your members may also expand. As a result, you will require more space for them to fit in easily and comfortably. This is the point where most of the businesses think about relocating or shifting their managed workspace to another building or place nearby.

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Even though you can open another branch, it may cost you more than your budget. So, the decision of relocating your office to a new location or opening another branch will completely depend on your needs and bank balance. But if you are relocating to another place, then here are some useful tips that will not cost you a fortune and make the entire process easy-breezy:

• Inform every member that you are moving

It is quite obvious that relocating an entire office is not an easy task and it never happens overnight. That is why you must let every member know that you are moving as soon as you have another great option. Many experts and leading managed workspace owners like Neetish Sarda suggest that you must announce the same through various ways. It can include social media platforms, emails, official websites, SMSs, etc. You can also place a notice on the notice board regarding the same. You should keep one thing in mind all your members are aware of the future relocating of your flexible workspace. It is important so that they can also plan accordingly for travel and other things.

• Start preparing your business for the relocation

Moving your business may bring some hard times as many members may discontinue their membership because of the unsuitable location. Additionally, you will need to shut your office down for a few days to relocate and settle everything perfectly. If you think that it can bring a lot of issues and you cannot afford such a loss, then it is advised to plan everything in advance. For this, you can schedule your move and talk to the members about their opinion for the new location. In case the loss won’t affect you a lot both financially and socially, you can simply shut your business for a few days and shift it to a new location.

• Make sure that the new office is ready-to-move and work

‘Many businesses fail because they take relocating related decisions in a rush’, Neetish Sarda, owner of well-known managed workspace Smartworks. If you want to prevent yourself from such situations, then it is advised to move only after your new office is ready and finished. When your office is ready, you can reopen the flexible workspace in the least possible time. Otherwise, some more precious days will be wasted in setting out the things.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the points listed above, you must transfer the non-essential items first. Besides, throwing a party at the new office for members is another great way to keep everyone motivated and happy. When you do it, you can also reach the highest milestone like Smartworks by Neetish Sarda without a doubt.