Offices are considered essential for promoting productivity, culture, and the greatest personnel, according to conventional thinking. Businesses are recalibrating their workplaces in daring ways now that the epidemic has altered conventional notions regarding the function of the office.

Of course, there isn’t a fix that works for everyone. The solution could change depending on the company. However, flexible workspaces are more likely to come to mind. When corporations consider workspaces since they may save capital expenses, increase productivity, foster a vibrant workplace culture, and take care of employees’ health.  

Neetish Sarda, founder of India’s largest Managed Workspace Platform, Smartworks, shares that workspaces have changed meaning for employees now. As we enter the new era of workspaces, Neetish Sarda also talks about the upcoming co-working office industry trends in 2023.


A new office that comes with a carbon footprint tag? No one wants that!   

Neetish Sarda says that now is the high time to opt for the workspaces that are initiating sustainable projects to make their office spaces more environment-friendly. Sustainability is the key focus today and workspace providers are keen on creating spaces with biophilic designs, green walls, and much more.   

Tech-focused initiatives  

New technology, software, and applications have replaced outdated ones. With autonomous vehicles and virtual assistant technologies like Alexa, it’s only fair that workplace technology advances as well. The future of office technology is bright and hopeful, from video collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams that are now standard for remote, hybrid, and office-based employees to mobile app-controlled coffee makers that are the latest workplace gadget.  

Neetish Sarda shares that Smartworks has been tech-focused since its inception and using the pandemic as an opportunity to upgrade workspaces into tech-enables spaces which have resulted in better employee retention, and seamless and safe daily operations.   


Open floor plans promote flexibility and productivity. Why confine your staff to only their workstations when there are phone booths, open-plan desks, comfortable sofa workspaces, etc.? Variety is your friend since people no longer simply want to or need to work at desks. especially when it boosts the opportunities for inter-employee collaboration and communication.  

Interactively Designed Spaces: Office design trends 2023

Green office spaces are considerably more attractive to look at than plain white walls, they cleanse the air, they are bright, and they increase productivity. Living biophilic walls at the workplace blend art and nature to create a welcoming and cosy environment. Offices with feature walls painted in vibrant colours and pieces of statement art are excellent for fostering energy and creativity. Retro patterns are a terrific alternative to strong colours if you want to be even more outrageous.  

what market leader says about office design trends 2023

Neetish Sarda shares how your workspace looks and plays a huge role in keeping employees engaged. Workspace design should reflect the ethos and pathos of the organisation with interactive designs and amenities. The coworking sector is not only expanding rapidly, but it is also changing and adapting to suit the needs of the future of work by fusing technological advancement, a wide range of business models, accessibility on a worldwide scale, and cross-industry appeal.